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ABN Toonscope Stethoscope for Children and Infants

ABN Toonscope Stethoscope for Children and Infants

ABN Toonscope Stethoscope for Children and Infants

The Multifrequency Stethoscope with Fresh Look ABN TOONSCOPE


  • The “New look” single head stethoscope with seven loveable cartoon animal faces on the chestpiece head:
    • Wild Tiger
    • Baby Bear
    • Curious Monkey
    • Clever Deer
    • Leap Frog
    • Cuddly Koala
    • Snuggle Panda
  • Stethoscope designed for professional performance by centralized built-in sound.
  • The design allows switching between high and low frequency by simply altering pressure on the diaphragm.
  • Deluxe binaural with inner spring and chestpiece made from plastic-steel.

Recommended for Nurses and Pediatricians

This Stethoscope is specially recommended for nurses and pediatricians. The specially designed chest pieces create a comfort zone and talking points for the user with the patient.

Made in Indonesia

All ABN Products are Made in Indonesia.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this stethoscope be used for adults as well?

No, this stethoscope is specifically designed for children and infants.

2. Are the cartoon faces removable?

No, the cartoon faces are permanently attached to the chestpiece head.

3. Is the stethoscope latex-free?

Yes, the stethoscope is latex-free, making it safe for individuals with latex allergies.


The ABN Toonscope Stethoscope for Children and Infants is a professional-grade stethoscope with a fresh look. Its unique design, featuring seven loveable cartoon animal faces, makes it a hit among young patients. With its centralized built-in sound and the ability to switch between high and low frequencies, this stethoscope provides accurate and reliable performance. Recommended for nurses and pediatricians, it creates a comfortable and engaging experience for both the user and the patient. Made in Indonesia, this stethoscope meets high-quality standards. Get the ABN Toonscope Stethoscope and make your pediatric patients smile!