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Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner – 2.5L

Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner – 2.5L

Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner – 2.5L

Keeping your oiled floors clean and well-maintained is essential to preserve their natural beauty and longevity. Introducing the Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner – 2.5L, a revolutionary product that will make your cleaning routine a breeze.

Benefits of Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner

1. Deep Cleansing: The Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner is specially formulated to penetrate deep into the oiled surface, removing dirt, grime, and stains effectively.

2. Gentle Formula: Unlike harsh chemical cleaners, this product is gentle on your oiled floors, ensuring no damage or discoloration occurs.

3. Restores Shine: With regular use, the Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner helps restore the natural shine of your oiled floors, making them look brand new.

4. Easy to Use: Simply dilute the cleaner with water, apply it to the floor using a mop or microfiber cloth, and let it dry. No rinsing is required.

How to Use Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner

1. Prepare the Solution: Mix 1 part Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner with 4 parts water in a bucket.

2. Apply the Solution: Dip a mop or microfiber cloth into the solution and wring out any excess liquid. Gently mop the floor, ensuring even coverage.

3. Let it Dry: Allow the floor to air dry completely. Avoid walking on the wet surface to prevent slipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner on other types of flooring?
  2. No, this cleaner is specifically designed for oiled floors. For other types of flooring, Bona offers a range of suitable products.

  3. How often should I use Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner?
  4. For regular maintenance, it is recommended to clean your oiled floors with this product once a week. However, the frequency may vary depending on the level of foot traffic and dirt accumulation.

  5. Is Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner safe for pets and children?
  6. Yes, the Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner is non-toxic and safe for both pets and children. However, it is always advisable to keep them away from the wet floor until it is completely dry.


The Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner – 2.5L is the ultimate solution for maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of your oiled floors. Its powerful yet gentle formula ensures effective cleaning without causing any harm. Say goodbye to dull and dirty floors and bring back the natural shine with Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner.