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Dumont Dumoxel #2 Tweezers – The Perfect Antimagnetic Steel Swiss Tool

Dumont Dumoxel #2 Tweezers – The Perfect Antimagnetic Steel Swiss Tool

Dumont Dumoxel #2 Tweezers – The Perfect Antimagnetic Steel Swiss Tool

Are you in need of a reliable and precise tool for your delicate work? Look no further than the Dumont Dumoxel #2 Tweezers. Made from high-quality antimagnetic steel, this Swiss tool is designed to meet all your precision needs.

Features and Benefits

1. Antimagnetic Steel

The Dumont Dumoxel #2 Tweezers are made from antimagnetic steel, ensuring that they do not interfere with sensitive electronic components. This makes them ideal for use in electronics repair, watchmaking, and other precision industries.

2. Precision Tips

The tweezers feature precision tips that allow for easy handling of small objects. Whether you’re working with tiny screws, delicate components, or intricate jewelry, these tweezers provide the perfect grip and control.

3. Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of the Dumont Dumoxel #2 Tweezers ensures comfortable and fatigue-free use, even during extended periods of work. The lightweight construction and non-slip grip make them easy to handle, reducing the risk of accidents and mistakes.

4. Versatile Applications

These tweezers are suitable for a wide range of applications. From hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts to professionals in various industries, the Dumont Dumoxel #2 Tweezers are a must-have tool for anyone who values precision and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these tweezers suitable for medical use?

A: While the Dumont Dumoxel #2 Tweezers are not specifically designed for medical use, they can be used in certain medical procedures that require precision and non-magnetic tools. However, it is always recommended to consult with a medical professional before using them in a medical setting.

Q: Can these tweezers be sterilized?

A: Yes, the Dumont Dumoxel #2 Tweezers can be sterilized using standard sterilization methods. This makes them suitable for use in sterile environments where cleanliness is crucial.

Q: How long do these tweezers last?

A: With proper care and maintenance, these tweezers can last for many years. It is important to clean them after each use and store them in a dry and safe place to prevent damage.


The Dumont Dumoxel #2 Tweezers are the perfect tool for anyone in need of precision and reliability. With their antimagnetic steel construction, precision tips, ergonomic design, and versatile applications, these tweezers are a valuable addition to any toolkit. Invest in the Dumont Dumoxel #2 Tweezers today and experience the difference they can make in your work.