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ECHOGEAR 15U Open Frame Rack for Servers & AV Gear

ECHOGEAR 15U Open Frame Rack for Servers & AV Gear

ECHOGEAR 15U Open Frame Rack for Servers & AV Gear

All the Things! We give, and we give, and we give… and as long as you’ve got everything you need to build the most kick-rack on the block, we’re happy to do it. Included in the box: 15U rack structure, two vented shelves (1x 1U x 15.12″ and 1x 2U x 18″), leveling feet and 25 rack mounting screws (#10-32 x 3/4).

We Got the Flow on LOCK

Cucumber-y. Backside of the pillow-y. David Beckham on a Harley-y. Alright, alright, we’re done with that – but what we’re trying to say is that this rack is pretty gosh-cool and ready to keep your components cool, too. At 20.24″ deep, this open-frame rack and its included, vented shelves are ready to take on your highest-end server, networking and AV components and keep them safe from overheating. (Have you Google image searched Beckham on a Harley yet? 10/10 would recommend.)

This Rack HANGS. Or Stands. Or Rolls. You Pick.

Let’s hang out! (Sorry, we were talking about your rack. Well, this is awkward.) But seriously – this rack’s designed for placement wherever’s best for your setup. It comes with leveling feet, but it’s designed to be wall-mountable, too, if that makes more sense. Gotta’ roll? Good news: We’ve got casters available to buy, too. In the end, it’s your choice… and we support you no matter what. Go get ’em, tiger.

How Much Space do You Really Need?

Because you can have as much rack space as you’d like. Well, that is, if you’d like to stack our racks. And as long as you don’t need more than 40U of space. Ok, ok, so there are some parameters. But long story short, Echogear skeleton racks are compatible with each other for stacking! 15U + 15U? Check. 15U + 20U? Check, check. 20U + 20U? Checkity, check, check.

Includes all the goodies you need to rack ’em up:

  • Entire 15U open frame rack structure
  • 4x leveling feet
  • 1x 1U vented shelf (15.12″ deep)
  • 1x 2U vented shelf (18″ deep)
  • 25x rack mounting screws

Is it Christmas in here or is that just me?

Open design and included vented shelves optimize air flow

Keeping even today’s hottest, high-end networking and AV components cool.

Assembly is required, but it’s simple

With all the included hardware & witty instructions, you’ll have your rack ready for servers & networking gear in under 20 minutes.

This rack’s 20.24″ deep design means it’s perfect (and practically begging) for your networking, AV and rackmounted components up to 19″ deep.

It’s ready to hang! (On the wall, we mean.) Wall-mounted or standing strong on included leveling feet, this rack’s versatile design is ready to take on your setup… whatever that may be.