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Electronic Throttle Accelerator Bluetooth APP Control WindBooster for Infiniti

Electronic Throttle Accelerator Bluetooth APP Control WindBooster for Infiniti

Electronic Throttle Accelerator Bluetooth APP Control WindBooster for Infiniti

Are you looking to enhance the performance of your Infiniti? Look no further than the Electronic Throttle Accelerator Bluetooth APP Control WindBooster. This innovative device allows you to experience improved throttle response and control, giving you a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience.

Why Choose the Electronic Throttle Accelerator WindBooster?

With the Electronic Throttle Accelerator WindBooster, you can take control of your Infiniti’s throttle like never before. Here are some key features that make this device a must-have for any Infiniti owner:

1. Bluetooth APP Control

Connect your smartphone to the WindBooster via Bluetooth and gain full control over your Infiniti’s throttle settings. Adjust the sensitivity and response to match your driving style and preferences.

2. Improved Throttle Response

The WindBooster enhances your Infiniti’s throttle response, eliminating any lag or delay when you step on the gas pedal. Experience instant acceleration and a more responsive driving experience.

3. Easy Installation

The WindBooster is designed for easy installation, with no cutting or splicing of wires required. Simply plug it into your Infiniti’s accelerator pedal and you’re ready to go.

4. Multiple Driving Modes

Choose from multiple driving modes to suit different road conditions and driving styles. Whether you’re looking for a more fuel-efficient drive or a sportier performance, the WindBooster has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the WindBooster void my Infiniti’s warranty?

A: No, the WindBooster is designed to be a non-invasive device that does not interfere with your Infiniti’s factory settings. It will not void your warranty.

Q: Can I uninstall the WindBooster if I no longer want to use it?

A: Yes, the WindBooster can be easily uninstalled without leaving any traces. Your Infiniti will revert back to its original throttle settings.

Q: Is the WindBooster compatible with all Infiniti models?

A: The WindBooster is compatible with most Infiniti models. However, we recommend checking the compatibility list or contacting our customer support for confirmation.


The Electronic Throttle Accelerator Bluetooth APP Control WindBooster is the ultimate performance upgrade for your Infiniti. Experience improved throttle response, control, and a more enjoyable driving experience. Don’t settle for a stock throttle when you can take control with the WindBooster.