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Essancy Air Care by Ahla Jaw

Essancy Air Care by Ahla Jaw

Essancy Air Care by Ahla Jaw

Harmony Aroma Blend

Discover the Harmony Aroma Blend by Ahla Jaw. This fragrance oil bottle refill for Ahla Jaw diffusers will refresh your surroundings and reduce unpleasant odors. Made with eco-friendly and anti-allergic ingredients.

About Harmony Aroma Blend

The Harmony Aroma Blend from Ahla Jaw is a fragrance oil bottle refill for your Ahla Jaw diffusers. It is made from friendly and anti-allergic ingredients with a special formulation, providing a unique fresh aromatic experience. This fragrance oil is all you need to change the ambiance of your daily surroundings. Made in the United Kingdom.

How to Use

To refill your Ahla Jaw diffuser with the Harmony Aroma Blend, simply open the diffuser, refill the aroma oil container, lock it, and surrender to the aroma therapy experience. This powerful oil blend efficiently transforms your air purification experience with its refreshing natural fresh aromas. It is the ultimate solution to reduce unpleasant odors and cigarette smoke around you.

Long-Lasting Fragrance

The Harmony Aroma Blend provides a long-lasting fragrance, depending on the usage frequency defined on your diffuser. It can refresh the air for a month or more. The bottle is ideal for refilling small to medium space diffusers, allowing you to change the atmosphere mood in rooms such as offices, homes, shops, spas, hotel rooms, and small lobbies. Creating a relaxing experience in your surroundings is simple with Ahla Jaw.

Choose Your Scent

Ahla Jaw offers more than 50 luxury aroma blend scents of various types, each with its own health benefits. Whether you prefer fresh, oriental, floral, or fruity fragrances, you can choose the scent that suits you the most. These aroma blends are made with natural oils extracted from ecological and sustainable productions. They do not contain any synthetic substances. By choosing Ahla Jaw’s Harmony Aroma Blend, you are choosing a unique eco-friendly and MSDS Ocean, Aquatic, and Fresh citrus scent.

About Ahla Jaw

Ahla Jaw is a UAE-based company and one of the most creative scent marketing agencies in the Middle East. We aim to deliver scent marketing solutions to all kinds of businesses, industries, and private residences, enhancing their living environments and creating memorable experiences. We bring the most exquisite fragrances from nature indoors.