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FAERSI Inside Interior Door Handles – Product Description

FAERSI Inside Interior Door Handles – Product Description

Upgrade Your Car’s Interior with FAERSI Inside Interior Door Handles

Are you looking to enhance the interior of your car? Look no further than the FAERSI Inside Interior Door Handles. These handles are designed to provide a stylish and functional upgrade to your vehicle, ensuring that you can enter and exit your car with ease.

Key Features

Perfect Replacements

The FAERSI Inside Interior Door Handles are specifically designed as replacements for the front and rear driver and passenger side handles of the 1998-2002 Corolla Prizm. With these handles, you can easily replace your worn-out or damaged handles and restore the functionality of your car’s doors.

High-Quality Construction

Constructed from durable materials, these door handles are built to last. They are designed to withstand daily use and are resistant to wear and tear. The handles are also ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, ensuring that you can easily open and close your car doors.

Stylish Design

The FAERSI Inside Interior Door Handles feature a sleek and modern design that will complement the interior of your car. The handles are available in a stylish gray color, adding a touch of sophistication to your vehicle’s interior.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these handles compatible with other car models?

No, these handles are specifically designed for the 1998-2002 Corolla Prizm. They may not fit other car models, so it is important to check the compatibility before purchasing.

2. Are these handles easy to install?

Yes, these handles are designed for easy installation. They come with all the necessary hardware and can be installed without any special tools. However, if you are not familiar with car door handle installation, it is recommended to seek professional assistance.

3. Can I paint these handles to match my car’s interior?

Yes, these handles can be painted to match your car’s interior. However, it is important to use the appropriate paint and follow the instructions carefully to ensure a proper and long-lasting finish.


The FAERSI Inside Interior Door Handles are the perfect upgrade for your 1998-2002 Corolla Prizm. With their perfect fit, high-quality construction, and stylish design, these handles will not only enhance the functionality of your car’s doors but also add a touch of elegance to your vehicle’s interior. Upgrade your car today and enjoy the convenience and style that these handles provide.