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Garage Door Screen for 2 Car 16x7FT Garage Doors

Garage Door Screen for 2 Car 16x7FT Garage Doors

Garage Door Screen for 2 Car 16x7FT Garage Doors

Are you tired of dealing with bugs and insects entering your garage every time you open the door? Look no further! Our heavy-duty door screen curtain is the perfect solution for your 2 car 16x7FT garage doors. With its hands-free magnetic design, you can easily enter and exit your garage without any hassle.

Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Door

Our garage door screen is equipped with a magnetic closure system that allows you to walk through the screen effortlessly. The magnets ensure that the screen closes behind you, keeping bugs and insects out of your garage. No more worrying about flies, mosquitoes, or other pests invading your space.

Easy Installation

Installing our garage door screen is a breeze. Simply attach the screen to your garage door frame using the included adhesive strips or screws. The screen is designed to fit 2 car 16x7FT garage doors perfectly, providing full coverage and protection.

Durable and Heavy-Duty

Made from high-quality materials, our door screen curtain is built to last. It can withstand daily use and is resistant to tears and damage. The heavy-duty construction ensures that the screen stays in place even during strong winds.

Convenient and Practical

The hands-free design of our screen door allows for easy access to your garage. Whether you’re carrying groceries, tools, or other items, you can simply walk through the screen without the need to open and close the garage door. It’s a convenient and practical solution for any homeowner.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I use this screen with a single car garage door?
  2. No, this screen is specifically designed for 2 car 16x7FT garage doors. It may not fit properly on a single car garage door.

  3. Is the screen easy to remove?
  4. Yes, the screen can be easily removed when not in use. Simply detach it from the adhesive strips or unscrew it from the garage door frame.

  5. Can pets go through the screen?
  6. Yes, the magnetic closure system allows pets to pass through the screen easily. However, please ensure that your pets are trained to use the screen door.

In conclusion, our garage door screen is the perfect solution for keeping bugs and insects out of your 2 car 16x7FT garage. Its hands-free magnetic design, easy installation, and durable construction make it a must-have for any homeowner. Say goodbye to pesky bugs and enjoy a bug-free garage with our heavy-duty door screen curtain.