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Mannequin Foot – Silicone Foot Manikins

Mannequin Foot – Silicone Foot Manikins

Mannequin Foot – Silicone Foot Manikins

Introducing the 36A silicone foot model, crafted using TPE material to ensure it does not fade or emit any unpleasant odors. This innovative product is designed to restore the true beauty of the foot and provide a realistic experience. With our patented mold technology, the skin texture of all models is as clear as depicted in the pictures.

Key Features

  • High simulation foot mold made from the inverted mold of a real person
  • Clear skin texture for a lifelike appearance
  • Made from environmentally friendly and non-toxic TPE material
  • SGS non-toxic and environmentally friendly SGD food certification
  • Good chemical stability, can withstand extreme temperatures

What’s Included?

When you purchase our Mannequin Foot, you will receive:

  • 1x delicate stockings (one size)
  • 1x pair of beautiful silicone feet

Natural Blood Beautiful Feet

Our Mannequin Foot is made using red leaf food-grade human body silicone foot mold. This component is part of a room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, which is a colorless or skin-colored oily liquid. Once vulcanized, it transforms into a soft, highly elastic silicone rubber material. The result is a pair of feet with soft elasticity and attractiveness, providing an extraordinary level of realism.

Patented Mold-Making Technology

Each pair of feet is made using food-grade organic silicone, ensuring they are soft and flexible. Our upgraded bone version and real 1:1 mold-making process create a highly realistic 3D vision. The size of the female feet is 36 yards, and the price is for a pair. The toes are flexible, and the soles of the feet have a rosy natural blood color. The addition of bones to the soles enhances the overall realism. These feet are soft to the touch, thanks to our 100% real virtual skin production.

Wide Range of Applications

Our Mannequin Foot is incredibly versatile. It features joints on the ankles and soles, allowing it to be positioned and displayed just like a real person. It is easy to wear and can showcase various types of flat shoes and high heels. Additionally, it can be used for collections or appreciated as a simulation art masterpiece.

Easy to Clean and Reuse with Collectible Value

The soft silicone material used in our Mannequin Foot is washable. After cleaning, the skin texture becomes even clearer, truly restoring the beauty of the skin texture. The product is packaged in carton foam, ensuring safe transportation and 100% brand new condition upon arrival.


Experience the true beauty and realism of our Mannequin Foot. Made with high-quality materials and utilizing patented mold-making technology, this product offers a lifelike representation of female feet. With its wide range of applications and collectible value, it is a must-have for shoe enthusiasts, artists, and collectors alike.