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OSOYOO IOT Building Block Robot Car Kit for Arduino

OSOYOO IOT Building Block Robot Car Kit for Arduino

OSOYOO IOT Building Block Robot Car Kit for Arduino

Learn programming through building-block projects


The OSOYOO IOT Building Block Robot Car Kit for Arduino is not just a toy, but also a tool for learning. With over 400 parts, including bricks, gears, axis, and various electronic components, this kit allows beginners to build their own robot car while also gaining knowledge about programming, electronics, and the Internet of Things (IOT).


Building Blocks Kit

The kit includes 400+ parts, such as a controller board, expansion board, ultrasonic sensor, wifi module, servo motor, humidity and temperature sensor, battery, tracking sensor modules, photoresistor, motors, and wheels. These components provide everything you need to build a functional robot car.

STEM Learning

The building Robot Car Kit is designed to provide kids with an interesting and challenging building experience. By assembling different robot cars, they can learn about robotic movement, mechanical structure, and develop their problem-solving skills.

Perfect Starter Set

This kit helps enhance kids’ imagination and creativity, hand-eye coordination, and self-confidence. It also promotes the importance of teamwork and collaboration, as building the robot car requires cooperation and sharing ideas.

Open Source Kit

The OSOYOO IOT Building Block Robot Car Kit is based on the OSOYOO basic board, which is compatible with Arduino UNO. This open-source platform allows electronics engineers, hobbyists, designers, and anyone interested in interactive electronics projects to customize and expand their creations.

Programmable Projects

The building Robot Car Kit provides graphical programming for basic projects and an integrated development environment (IDE) for IOT projects. This makes it suitable for teenagers and adults who want to learn basic programming languages and explore the world of robotics and IOT.

Sample Tutorials

  1. Basic Movement
  2. Following Light
  3. Line Tracking
  4. Obstacle Avoidance
  5. Robot Gripper
  6. Wifi Remote Control
  7. IOT Project

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is programming experience required to use this kit?

No, this kit is designed for beginners and provides graphical programming options for basic projects. However, it also offers an IDE for more advanced IOT projects, allowing users to learn and grow their programming skills.

2. Can I customize the robot car?

Yes, the OSOYOO IOT Building Block Robot Car Kit is an open-source kit, which means you can customize and expand it according to your needs. The expansion board and sensor modules are designed with XH2.54 ports to avoid potential errors.

3. What age group is this kit suitable for?

This kit is suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults who are interested in learning about programming, electronics, and robotics. It provides a fun and educational experience for all age groups.


The OSOYOO IOT Building Block Robot Car Kit for Arduino is an excellent tool for learning programming, electronics, and robotics. With its extensive parts and sample tutorials, it provides a hands-on experience that enhances creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, this kit offers endless possibilities for exploration and innovation.