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Palouse Brand Washington State Black Beans

Palouse Brand Washington State Black Beans

Palouse Brand Washington State Black Beans

Buy black beans grown in Washington State. These dry black beans, grown on a family farm in Washington – are as fresh as possible, we always sell the most current crop year. Clear Creek, by Palouse Brand, are foods we have inspected and sourced as a family. Clear Creek products are produced by neighbors of Palouse Brand but are packaged by us. Our family has partnered with neighboring farms to bring the highest quality, sustainably grown food to your family and friends. Clear Creek Foods are grown in some of the richest soils in the world that produce a fresh taste and texture that is as unique as the farm in which it was grown. We hope you enjoy Clear Creek as much as you have with Palouse Brand. We are so happy to bring colors and flavors of the Pacific Northwest to your table.

Healthy Pantry Staple

Black beans have a rich, dense and meaty texture that hold their shape when cooked.

Rich in Nutrients

Dry black beans are an excellent source of protein and fiber. One serving of black beans contains three times the folate of kale and as much potassium as a banana.

Easy to Cook and Delicious

Dry black beans cook in 45 minutes, with no soaking required. If you are looking for a shorter cook time, you can soak them first. With a dense and meaty texture, Clear Creek black beans are perfect for adding to soups, salads, chili, burgers, tacos, and more.

Proud to Be

We are proud to be Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, and Non-Irradiated (an accepted practice that exposes your food to radiation for sterilization). Our black beans will SPROUT!

Made in America

We sourced these beautiful black beans from our Washington neighbors as they represent the flavors and quality of the Pacific Northwest. This packaging line is powered by women. We are empowering women to learn new skills, lead and find a work-life balance. Our culture radiates support and flexibility so the needs of both family and work can be met.