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Raz – Raccoon Ornaments – Set of 2

Raz – Raccoon Ornaments – Set of 2

Raz – Raccoon Ornaments – Set of 2

Are you looking to add a touch of cuteness to your holiday decorations? Look no further! Introducing the Raz Raccoon Ornaments – Set of 2. These adorable raccoon ornaments are the perfect addition to your Christmas tree or any other festive display.

Why Choose Raz Raccoon Ornaments?

1. Unique and Original Design

Unlike traditional ornaments, the Raz Raccoon Ornaments feature a unique and original design that is sure to stand out. These cute little raccoons are crafted with attention to detail, from their fluffy tails to their mischievous expressions.

2. High-Quality Materials

Each ornament is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The raccoons are carefully hand-painted with vibrant colors that won’t fade over time. These ornaments are built to last, so you can enjoy them for many holiday seasons to come.

3. Versatile Decoration

The Raz Raccoon Ornaments are not limited to just your Christmas tree. They can be used to decorate wreaths, garlands, mantels, or even as table centerpieces. Let your creativity run wild and find the perfect spot to showcase these charming raccoons.

4. Perfect Gift

Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one? The Raz Raccoon Ornaments make an excellent choice. Whether it’s for a friend, family member, or coworker, these ornaments are sure to bring a smile to their face and add a touch of whimsy to their holiday decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big are the ornaments?

A: Each raccoon ornament measures approximately 4 inches in height and 3 inches in width.

Q: Are these ornaments suitable for outdoor use?

A: The Raz Raccoon Ornaments are designed for indoor use only. Exposing them to outdoor elements may cause damage.

Q: Can I buy these ornaments individually?

A: No, the Raz Raccoon Ornaments are only available as a set of 2. This allows you to create a balanced and symmetrical look on your tree or display.

Q: How do I clean the ornaments?

A: To clean the ornaments, simply wipe them gently with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the paint or finish.


Add a touch of cuteness and whimsy to your holiday decorations with the Raz Raccoon Ornaments – Set of 2. These unique and high-quality ornaments are perfect for adding a playful element to your Christmas tree or any other festive display. Order now and bring these charming raccoons home to create a memorable and delightful holiday atmosphere.