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Sony NW-E394L 8GB Walkman Music Player

Sony NW-E394L 8GB Walkman Music Player

Sony NW-E394L 8GB Walkman Music Player

Are you tired of carrying around bulky and heavy music players? Look no further than the Sony NW-E394L 8GB Walkman Music Player. This compact and lightweight device is perfect for music lovers on the go.

Key Features

1.77″ Display

The Sony NW-E394L features a vibrant 1.77″ TFT color display with a white LED backlight. Enjoy crisp and clear visuals while navigating through your music library.

Drag & Drop

Gone are the days of complicated software and file transfers. With the Sony NW-E394L, you can simply drag and drop your favorite songs from your computer to the music player. It’s that easy!


Experience enhanced audio quality with ClearAudio+. This technology automatically adjusts the sound settings to deliver a rich and immersive listening experience.

Multiple Audio Formats

The Sony NW-E394L supports a wide range of audio formats, including PCM, AAC, WMA, and MP3. Enjoy your music in the format of your choice without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much storage does the Sony NW-E394L have?

The Sony NW-E394L has 8GB of internal memory, allowing you to store thousands of songs.

2. Can I expand the storage capacity?

Unfortunately, the Sony NW-E394L does not have expandable storage. However, 8GB should be sufficient for most users.

3. Does it have an equalizer?

Yes, the Sony NW-E394L features a 5-band equalizer, allowing you to customize the sound to your preferences.

4. Is the display touchscreen?

No, the display is not touchscreen. It is controlled using the buttons on the device.


The Sony NW-E394L 8GB Walkman Music Player is a must-have for music enthusiasts. Its compact size, easy file transfer, and high-quality audio make it the perfect companion for your music journey. Get yours today and enjoy your favorite tunes wherever you go.