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Valentine’s Day Party Favors for Kids

Valentine’s Day Party Favors for Kids

Valentine’s Day Party Favors for Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a fun-filled party for kids? If you’re looking for the perfect party favors to make your school classroom party a hit, look no further! We have a collection of 48 pieces of Valentine’s Day party favors that will surely delight the little ones.

Valentines Cards with Slap Bracelets

Our Valentine’s Day party favors include 24 adorable Valentines cards with slap bracelets. Each card features a cute design and a heartfelt message, making them the perfect way for kids to express their love and appreciation for their friends. The slap bracelets are not only fun to wear but also serve as a lasting reminder of the special day.

Heart Glasses

No Valentine’s Day party is complete without heart-shaped glasses! Our party favors also include 24 heart glasses in various colors. These stylish glasses will instantly transform any kid into a Valentine’s Day superstar. Whether they’re posing for photos or simply enjoying the festivities, these heart glasses are sure to add a touch of fun and excitement to the party.

Valentine Day Gift Bags

What’s a party without goodie bags? Our Valentine’s Day party favors come with 48 gift bags, perfect for holding all the treats and surprises. These gift bags feature adorable designs and are made of high-quality materials, ensuring that they can withstand the excitement of the party. Fill them up with candies, small toys, or personalized notes to make each bag extra special.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I personalize the Valentines cards?
  2. Yes, the Valentines cards come with blank spaces where kids can write their names and personalize the messages for their friends.

  3. Are the slap bracelets safe for kids?
  4. Yes, the slap bracelets are made of non-toxic materials and are designed to be safe for kids to wear.

  5. Can I choose the colors of the heart glasses?
  6. The heart glasses come in a variety of colors, and we will do our best to provide a mix of colors in each set.

  7. What size are the gift bags?
  8. The gift bags measure approximately 8 x 10 inches, making them the perfect size for holding small treats and surprises.


Make this Valentine’s Day extra special with our collection of 48 pieces of Valentine’s Day party favors for kids. The Valentines cards with slap bracelets, heart glasses, and gift bags are sure to bring joy and excitement to any school classroom party. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create lasting memories for the little ones. Order your party favors today!