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andobil MagStick Mobile Phone Tripod: The Perfect Photography Companion

andobil MagStick Mobile Phone Tripod: The Perfect Photography Companion

All-new design – This is MagStick

As the world’s first MagSafe selfie stick and mobile phone tripod, the andobil MagStick has been developed to help you take photos with extremely easy operation. With its one-piece design, there is no complicated installation required. Simply pull the tripod gently to open it. The magnetic design is compatible with MagSafe, allowing the phone to be adsorbed in just 1 second. Say goodbye to complicated steps and say hello to the creative MagStick tripod that allows you to easily take great photos.

Multifunctional extension – photography has never been so professional

Unlike most selfie stick tripods that are functionally insufficient, the andobil MagStick selfie stick compensates for these defects. Its clever clip retains two 1/4 universal connections for a compact LED light and a microphone (not included). This feature enhances the quality of your photos and videos, making your mobile phone photography more professional than ever before.

Flexible adjustment – perfect shooting angle

The MagStick is a highly flexible smartphone tripod. The rod can be extended from 30 cm to 160 cm, allowing you to adjust the shooting height according to your preference. Additionally, the head and neck of the clip can be rotated to achieve the perfect shooting angle. With the andobil MagStick, you will always find the ideal height and angle to capture stunning photos and videos.

Designed to carry – always MagStick on the go

The andobil MagStick is available in two impressive materials, both made from 100% recycled “PTFE” (Aviation Material). This makes it robust, stable, and lightweight compared to conventional mobile phone selfie sticks. Its one-piece design ensures that you don’t have to worry about losing any accessories. Simply put it in your backpack, and you can take it with you anytime and anywhere to capture those wonderful moments.